Pack Light, Shine Bright: Essential Travel Skincare Hacks

11 Apr 2024

Traveling is fantastic, isn’t it? But packing? Not so much. No matter where you’re headed, it seems like the packing anxiety doesn’t quite take a vacation. Am I forgetting something? Too much stuff? Not enough? Am I going to need this? Better pack it to be safe… – yeah, we’ve all been there. Packing inner monologues can be draining and stressful. In this post, we’ve put together some nifty travel skincare hacks to help you reduce packing anxiety, make some space in your suitcase, and give your skin the best care possible while you travel.

Keep It Prepacked & Ready to Go

One of the best travel skincare hacks is keeping a prepacked kit ready. Travel toiletry bags are a lifesaver for those who travel a lot.

With multiple compartments, you can organize your mouth hygiene, skincare, and haircare items separately, making them easy to find when you arrive. Plus, you can easily fit them in your hand luggage and they come with a hanger so you can hang it in the bathroom at your destination. Invest some time and money into a travel kit once, and we guarantee that you won’t be sorry! It will save you loads of anxiety, time packing, and time feverishly looking for stuff upon arrival.

Solid Solutions for Pro Travelers 

Solid shampoos and hair conditioners are a fantastic solution for when you travel. They take up much less space in your bag, there’s no danger of leakage, and they will pass the TSA purge should you want to have them in your carry-on bag. Another awesome travel item is a sunscreen stick. Apart from being TSA-friendly, it’s also really easy to apply, and it doesn’t get in your eyes as much as regular sunscreen.

Sunscreen Brushes

While we’re on the subject of sun protection, let’s talk sunscreen brushes! If you’re not familiar with them yet, they’re basically powdered sunscreen in a compact container with a built-in brush. When you’re ready to use it, you simply twist, tap, or click the container to dispense the powder through the brush bristles and apply it like you would a powder. They also tend to be tinted so can easily replace a compact powder and save some space in your makeup kit. 

But honestly, what’s mind-blowing is how sunscreen brushes turn the reapplying chore into something so easy! Having to reapply every couple of hours is a pain in the rear especially over a full face of makeup. All in all, a killer product: good for your skin, easy to use and carry, and saves space in your bag—definitely makes the top of the list of travel skincare hacks.  

Samples, anyone?

Getting free samples with every skincare purchase is a mixed bag. It’s nice to get a little extra, but then you start thinking about the environmental impact, and it’s not so nice anymore. The least we can do is make sure they don’t go to waste. Hoard samples for when you travel and you might avoid having to pack full-size versions. 

Also, another awesome hack is to ask your dermatologist for samples the next time you visit. They get tons of them from brands (and we’re talking super cute miniature bottles, not those lousy single-use pouches) and might be more than happy to share some. This way, you could score a cool product in compact packaging that’s just not available anywhere else. Even if you’re not a fan of the product, that packaging can come in handy in your travel kit.

Travel Skincare Hacks for Long Flights

Prevention Is Our Everything 

Airplane air has humidity levels close to that of Death Valley (well okay it’s nearly twice that but it feels like it). You’ve likely heard that you need to protect your skin from drying out during long flights. What a lot of people don’t know though is that if you’re reaching out for your moisturizer when your skin starts feeling uncomfortable and dry that’s a little too late. The crucial thing is to apply your moisturizer BEFORE your skin dries out. Moisturizers prevent water loss and attract water molecules from the surrounding air. So if your skin has already lost quite a bit of moisture even the best moisturizer in the world won’t make much difference in the dry conditions of a plane. Best to do it before you board and don’t forget to treat your lips, hands, and neck!

Hypochlorous Acid 

Breakouts during travel are all too common. The combination of long flights drying out our skin, the stress, and the unavoidable exposure to bacteria in planes and airports create the perfect storm for unwelcome zits. And let’s be honest, new pimples are the last thing we want on our travel adventures.

Here’s a top travel skincare tip: always pack a small bottle of hypochlorous acid spray for long flights. This ingredient is a powerhouse that’s not only effective but also gentle enough for sensitive skin. Hypochlorous acid works wonders due to its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and soothing properties, making it an almost magical solution for preventing breakouts. If you’re looking for a way to keep your skin clear while traveling, this could be your hero product. Haven’t tried it yet? Consider adding it to your travel kit—it might just be the game-changer you need.

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