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About Our Team

The OnSkin App Team brings together seasoned developers, QA engineers, designers, marketers, and content specialists who are not only passionate about making cosmetics understandable, but are also keen on AI technologies, which transform even the most ambitious dreams into reachable goals

Product Manager

«It all started when the pandemic hit, and I was cooped up in my flat. No commute meant I had a lot of time on my hands and a chance to get to know my skin better.

Though I was never a beauty junkie, I spent hours browsing and ordering skincare kits. Month by month, the collection of fancy bottles began to take over my bathroom. Many articles on ingredients and several allergic reactions later, it finally occurred to me — of the many products I had had high hopes for, few helped my skin. I entered the height of the pandemic with my nightstand swamped with tubes, but I left it with five effective products.

My beauty fever inspired me to come up with an idea for a cosmetic “face control” tool. With it, users scan the product, see its ingredients and their effects, and think twice before adding it to their skincare routine».

Biochemist, certified cosmetologist-aesthetician, science team lead at OnSkin

«We were inspired to create an app that provides reliable information about cosmetics.

That’s why we decided to develop an unparalleled ingredient scoring method, Safety Score. We’ve manually processed more than 10 000 ingredients and evaluated them according to the following criteria: endocrine disruption risk and reproductive toxicity, carcinogenicity, allergy risk, and high concentration alert. What I love most is that all the scores are evidence-based. You can find links to the resources we’ve used on each ingredient page.

AI algorithms put these scores in a special formula that accurately rates each product. So, we combined AI, scientific research, and human curation — a powerful combo that I’ve never seen anywhere before. Though processing so much information is challenging, it’s a delight to eventually see the high-quality result».

The OnSkin App is published by AIBY, a Florida-based co-founding company that develops and publishes business and lifestyle mobile apps with AI at the core.

The passion of OnSkin team about making cosmetics understandable totally fits AIBY’s mission to empower people with technology and improve the lives of millions.