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A barcode scanner that decodes cosmetic ingredients and helps you understand what you put on your skin
How our skincare scanner app checks a product’s safety and determines if it suits you

Let’s get to know your skin

First, answer a few simple questions about your skin type and goals. This way, we’ll be able to pick the ingredients that are a no-no or a huge YES for you.

Snap, scan, or type — the choice is yours

Simply take a photo of a cosmetic product, scan its barcode, or look up its name on the app. That’s where our science team comes in…

Safe or not so safe, that’s the question

You’ll see your product got one of the following safety scores: Excellent, Good, Not great, Bad.
But why can a product be labeled Bad, you might ask?
This means that, according to the latest scientific studies, its ingredients are very likely to negatively influence your endocrine/reproductive systems, potentially be carcinogenic, or cause allergic reactions. They may also pose risks at high concentrations. The lower the score, the higher the chances the product may be risky.
Your product's score is Excellent?
Congrats! It’s very unlikely to pose a risk to your health.
All the scores are 100% unbiased. No brands or companies influence our opinions on the products

Will YOUR skin love this product?

You’ll also learn if a product is a perfect match, a potential match, or not a match for your skin, along with the reasons why. Our verdict is grounded in the product’s ingredients, their effects, and the all-about-your-skin survey you complete.

There’s safer fish in the cosmetic sea

Your product’s safety score turned out to be Poor or even Bad? OnSkin will show you safer product recommendations from the same category. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet your new cosmetic soulmate this way!
  • Human Expertise
    with AI Boost

    Our science team evaluates ingredients using an in-house scoring method.
  • Backed by

    Our ingredient scores are based
    on the latest research.
  • Open

    Add a product to the app and see its
    safety score in just a few hours!
  • Unbiased
    Scoring Method

    We don’t sell products or partner
    with any brands or companies.

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